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Home Fest.

Project Description

Facebook Game Development.

Home Fest was developed by Atommica ( in partnership with Bueeno.

I love throwing a party. Just about any party. Wether its something spontaneous, like “Hi! Do you wanna hang?” or the oh-so-good: LET’S PARTAAAAAAAAAAY followed by a massive trashing of the place and the inevitable morning after regrets. You know: that feeling you get when it’s time to clean up the mess, throw away strangers sleeping on your couch and the ocasional wildlife that wanders around eating pizza leftovers.

Ah, goodtimes.

But here’s the catch: me and most of my friends are spending more and more time on Facebook. Which I love, by the way. But Facebook is not a house, right? I mean: it doesn’t even have a door bell, right?! How am I supposed to have my friends over and hang, when they’re on the computer all the time?!

So I’ve decided you and I have something awesome to do together. Wanna know what it is? Do you? Really? Ok. We, we (wait for it!): We take the party… INTO to Facebook!

Introducing: Home Fest!

The coolest, most awesomest (is that even a word?) Facebook game evah. You can decorate your place, and add attractions to bring people in, and you can earn money and you can dance and get all dressed up and just partay, partay, partay! No designated drivers needed!

Project Details

  • Date September 30, 2014
  • Tags Mobile Develop
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