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Project Description

Mobile Game Development.

Are you looking to have lots of fun while still learning a bunch of new stuff?

iWiseman is the trivia game you are looking for. Deferring from typical quiz games by the types of questions it have, it not only test your knowledge but your reasoning skills as well. Try our free version or our full set of questions to try and conquer its 15 levels.
iWiseman features:
Over 1400 unique questions (in the full version).
15 different levels to pass (in the full version).
Easy and fun gameplay.
2 minute timer for each question, allowing to share the question with friends.
Automatic game save feature keeps your session even when you exit the app.
Option to submit your own questions.
Openfeint compatibility

Project Details

  • Date September 30, 2014
  • Tags Mobile Develop
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