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Undertown Jump.

Project Description

Mobile Game Development.

Follow Mr Sombrero as he takes a trip down to fascinating Undertown in a platform-jumping comic-driven extravaganza!

Based on the Abajópolis Comic strips by Author and all-around OK-kindda-guy Liniers, Undertown Jump takes you through the original strips in 10 beautiful levels discovering new and strange characters. Jump to your heart’s contempt in the endlessly changing Freestyle Mode, or take on a friend in the endlessly challenging Challenge Mode.

Using a ground-breaking yet elegantly simple motion control scheme, playing Undertown Jump is as Intuitive as it is Incredible. Guide Mr Sombrero as he jumps up the Undertown Skyline of Boosting and Moving platforms, while avoiding Trap Platforms and Deadly Obstacles like Sea Typhoons and Snowy Tornados.

Unlock more characters as you make your way through the Underground World, and use them to explore beyond the story confines in the Freestyle Mode. Defy your friends in a Sproing-Laden Race with Gamecenter Challenges, and unlock secret Easter Eggs (If you can find them!)

“Undertown Jump is the bestest game in the History of Ever. Intuitive Gameplay, Cute Graphics, and Fruity Musics. Also, Gamecenter.” – Our Marketing Dept.

Project Details

  • Date September 30, 2014
  • Tags Mobile Develop
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