Altergaia’s Anti Financial Crime (AFC) Suite automates your AFC controls according to your risk appetite to provide quick, easy and cost effective compliance and enhance your customers’ experience.

Our software provides simple installation solution with the right blend of human interaction. It ensures that your business AML needs are met  efficiently and effectively. Your business can thrive and offer first class customer service, and take all reasonable steps to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Our Automated Solutions Focus On The Highest Levels Of Quality In Software And Compliance Through Rigorous Testing And Continuous Improvement Driven By Machine Learning And User Feedback .


SearchLight CFT shines a light on the bad guys - escalates and reports letting through only the customers you want

  • Searchlight CFT Is Designed To Help You Meet Your AML Sanction Screening Responsibilities

  • Scans Individuals, Businesses And Entities Providing Alerts So You Can Take Action

  • Monitors Key Sanction Lists Including OFAC, EU And Many More With The Added Ability To Include Internal Lists

  • Uses Advanced Matching Algorithms To Expedite The Scanning To

    Near Real Time.

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Passport KYC helps onboard your customers swiftly, seamlessly and with confidence, enhancing your customer experience

  • Passport KYC Automates CDD And ECDD Checks On Individuals And Entities From KYC, Pep And UBO Databases

  • Creates A Risk Score Using Workflow And Drop Down Menus To Alert Responsible Persons If Issues Are Detected

  • Blends Automation, Controls And Self Service To Enhance Customer Experience While Also Providing An Alerting, SAR Reporting Service And Audit Trail. .

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Sonar AML allows robust ongoing monitoring and alerting of transactions for changes to circumstances or behaviour that identifies potential criminal activity

  • Sonar AML Provides Ongoing Monitoring Of Transactions And KYC Changes For Changes To Circumstance Or Patterns Of Behaviour That Indicate Increased Risk Of Money Laundering Or Other Financial Crime

  • Brings Together Internal And External Data Sources, Applying AI And Machine Learning To Provide Alerts To The Responsible Person In Near Real Time

  • Confirms Risk Assessments And Changes Periodicall. It Has Similar Management Information Alerting, SAR Reporting And Audit Trail As The Rest Of Altergaia’s AFC Suite.

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